Natural Ulcers Treatment in Couple of Days

Natural Ulcers Treatment in Couple of Days

Gastric ulcers are usually a fairly painful, complex and nobody wants to deal with regularly. For this reason, some natural elements become crucial to combat them. Try this banana and potato juice.

The gastric ulcers are really complicated and no need for me to tell you what they're for those who suffer regularly. What I can tell you is that there are many home remedies to treat them. They may not be panaceas, no definitive cures nostrums. No, that's not what I can suggest. But at least one good palliative juice help you not only to feed you better, but to ease the pain causes you damn ulcer daily. And when you see the ingredients, you will surely agree that evil cannot make. Try it and feel relax from ulcers.

A banana
A potato
A handful of peeled almonds (five or six) 
Two or three dates
Half cup of chamomile tea


Wash the potatoes and cut into chunks. Then place it in the juicer, peel and all, no problem. Extract the juice and place in the bowl of the mixer, where you'll add dates, almonds, bananas and chamomile infusion. Bate preparation until you liquefied stay a homogeneous good, you do not have any lumps. Now, since I can drink and even take two or three of these a day if really bothers ulcer. Try to do short sips, with pause and calmly. 

How does Banana and potato juice
First, the potato juice and starch will give freshness to the ulcer that is leaving you alone, causing them to suffocate those fires that you generate inside. The potato produces a similar effect. The dates and almonds are also often recommended in this type of digestive issues. Meanwhile, chamomile generates inflammation throughout the digestive tract and also working to get everything back to normal. Course, Banana and potato juice is not the only option you have to try, you can also try these other home remedies for stomach ulcers.
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