Cellulite Causes, Symptoms, Diet and Exercise

Cellulite Causes, Symptoms, Diet and  Exercise

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is fat that is deposited in pockets just below the skin surface and occurs around the hips, thighs and buttocks. Since it is very close to the outside of the skin, cellulite leads to a dimpled appearance present in these areas of the body.

These fat deposits form a pocket under the skin, with the characteristic appearance of swelling and a texture similar to the skin of oranges, so it is also known as "orange peel".

It usually occurs more in women than in men due to hormonal differences, constitutional and physiological in between. Most of the medical community does not see the cellulite as a disorder of health condition, but as a normal condition of many women and some men.

Cellulite is not a disease, consisting of a common skin infection caused by bacteria.

Symptoms of cellulite

The most visible sign of cellulite is called orange peel. Cellulites is seen when the skin surface becomes irregular and starts to have small dimples and bumps.
Other symptoms of cellulites include:
The persistence of the touch marks
Pink skin
Dryness of the skin
Loss of skin softness is becoming more rustic feel

Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite is a skin problem that affects most women and can be caused by a variety of reasons such as:
Poor blood circulation.
Hormonal changes (estrogen excessive concentration).
Poor lymphatic drainage
Inadequate nutrition
Excess smoking and take drugs or alcohol
Sedentary in life

Treating cellulite

Here are the best home remedies for cellulite we have collected.
Rosehip oil for cellulite
Fucus vesiculosus poultices for cellulite
Ivy and sage compress for cellulite
Almeria compresses for cellulite
Hydrotherapy for cellulite
Horsetail infusion for cellulite
Rosemary for cellulite
Sarsaparilla for retention

Food / diet against cellulite

Cellulite and Your Skin Health As a preventive measure should maintain a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber without excess fat, especially saturated, which tend to accumulate in the blood vessels and impede circulation.
We also were paying attention to the sugar consumption, because these can be raw materials for the manufacture of fat when they are burned in their entirety.

It is also very important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids (water and fruit juices), but it is also essential to get rid of excess liquid. This requires carrying out a diet diuretic.

 Exercise against Cellulite

Cellulite and Your Skin Health Squats: This is one of the most complete exercises to combat cellulite and, incidentally, work all area below the waist. You spread your legs a little more than the width of your hips, keeping your feet parallel or slightly outward, Contract the abdomen, place you’re back straight and down, making the movement as if you sit down. Do three sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Exercise weight lifting with the legs: This is ideal to work it in a gym, but if you have appliances and means to do so, nor hesitate to implement it in your own home. The muscle tone is a major enemy of cellulite. For this reason, make such a localized exercises can be a great solution.

For any purposes in health Prevention is better than cure. We can easily prevent cellulite; just need our awareness to cellulite.
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