Man Yeast Infection Treatment by Remedies and signs and symptoms

Man Yeast Infection Treatment by Remedies and signs and symptoms

What is a Yeast Infection?        
In our body we have yeast organisms which are part of a strict order. Different bacteria keep them under control. Sometimes, changes to the immune system can cause overgrowth of yeast in our body system.
Small number of people know that male yeast infection is caused by fungus called candida albicans. In this condition the male genitals are hit by yeast spores. Do not worry men, they are not dangerous. It may take time to understand you have a male yeast infection.

In fact, most of the bacteria are good. Unfortunately, they may turn bad in some time and begin contracting diseases.

Yeast Infection in Men

A lot of men consider that only women got yeast infections but it’s not true. No one is protected. If you have sex with a woman who has got genital yeast infection it is quite possible to get it. Male yeast infection can be seen in different types and many males don’t know they are affected by it. How they can find it out?

  • when this infection pass on their girlfriends/wives
  • most often when having sex

Yeast infection can be latent for years, because of the outside temperature of the penis. So, what happens during sex? The vagina is warm, the temperature inside increases which let the male yeast infection start spreading.

What are signs and symptoms of male yeast infections?
Men must know that yeast infection may not always have symptoms, but some of the most important are:

  •  discomfort during sex
  • burning sensation when passing urine
  • sores on the foreskin of the genital organ
  • irritation and itchiness
  • white discharge (similar to a vaginal infection)
  • redness and inflammation on top of the penis
  • uncontrollable cravings for sweets
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • bad breathe
  • bloating
  • indigestion and sexual dysfunction
  • irritability, memory loss
  • athletes feet
  •  jock itch
  • prostate problems

Do not forget to treat both if you partner has a genital yeast infection. In order to cure the infection, restrain from sex until the infection is gone.

Causes of  Yeast Infection
Unprotected sex is the most common reason for male yeast infection. Be knowledgeable and save yourself and your partner! The myth says that only women suffer from it, please do not be a slave to that belief.

 In women, yeast infection is easily identifiable in contrast to men. They do not know they have it and most often men are informed by their girlfriends/wives or through medical exam.

Who is susceptible to a yeast infection?

  •  HIV or AIDS patients
  • patients undergoing chemotherapy

What increases the risk of male yeast infection?

  • prolonged antibiotic use can destroy healthy bacteria, enabling yeast to take over and grow
  • diabetes (yeast prosper on glucose). In our urine there is a high amount of glucose which is very suitable place for developing yeast infection.
  • impaired immune systems (HIV, SPIN)
  • mercury poisoning 
  • foods - avoid wheat, oats, barley and peanuts, corn and red apples

Try not to eat crisps, pasta and sweets!

Treating Male Yeast Infections With Home Remedies
Male yeast infections could be very painful and disgusting, that’s why treat it and don’t wait before it becomes worse. It can be treated in various ways but one of the cheapest and without side effects is - home remedies.

Yogurt – you can take it internally and externally.
It is useful because of the good bacteria (lactobacillus acidophilus) which limits the growth of yeast infection. Eat daily sugarless yogurt. You can put it over the affected area, as well.

Tea tree oil – great antifungal properties.
Please, dilute it before bring it to use. It’s possible to provoke inflammation and swelling. How to use –mix few drops with one table spoon tea tree oil (or sweet almond oil) and daub the affected area.

Garlic – the best natural antibiotic. It has many properties and the main ones are - anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Eat two garlic cloves with water or milk daily. Externally – apply juice of it over the damaged area.

Cranberry juice – the perfect cure for male yeast infection.
It prevents  the body from bladder infection. How to use – drink it at least two times a day (for 2-3 months) until infection gone.

Coconut oil- treat the infection quickly and effectively because of the fatty acids which contains. How to use it – drink it daily, or consume a table spoon coconut oil before every meal. Apply cold coconut oil on the damaged area, as well.

Oregano oil – contains carvacrol (active ingredient of the oil)
Do not put pure oregano oil over the skin. Mix it with olive oil, water or coconut oil.

Lemon juice – restores the pH .pH
How to use – take two table spoons lemon juice and one quart of warm water and put it over the affected area.

Apple Cider Vinegar – it treats many infections, including male yeast.
How to use –be careful when applying it on your skin (it’s very strong). It’s better to use raw apple vinegar – add one cup of vinegar to a warm tub and then sit there. Practice it daily for 30-40 minutes.

Aloe Vera Gel –has great natural anti-fungal properties.
It prevents recurrences of yeast male infection. How to use - apply aloe vera gel on the affected area.

Honey - excellent cure for different infections.
How to use - put honey to the affected area two times a day for twenty minutes. You must take a bath after application.
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