Naturally Teeth Whiten Tips at Home

Naturally Teeth Whiten Tips at Home

How to Whiten Your Teeth
The snuff, coffee, tea, cola, etc, all are products that stain our teeth. Other factors, such as age or the genes themselves, also contribute to color our teeth. Learn how to keep them white with these tips.

Keep your teeth clean
Nothing better to keep our teeth turn yellow to maintain them clean. Use proper oral hygiene: brush your teeth three times a day, one after each meal. The mouthwash is also very helpful in keeping our teeth clean.

Limit consumption of certain foods and products
Reduce consumption of foods and products that stain our teeth: coffee, snuff, wine, cola, tea, etc. Preferably, after taking each one of these products please brush your teeth or use mouthwash.

Bicarbonate and water 
The only effective home remedy for teeth whitening is to mix baking soda and water into a paste and rub our teeth with it. However, this remedy is not always effective. Keep in mind that the teeth have three layers: the outer, also known as enamel, the average, also called dentin and internal. Bicarbonate and water using only be effective to clean the enamel, that is, the inner side of the tooth.

Go to the dentist
When the stain the teeth have broken through the outer face thereof and have reached the dentin, you will have no choice but to go to the dentist. Dentin is enclosed by small little tubes that are actually stained and give that yellowish look to the video. Clean these tubes on our own are impossible. Your dentist perhaps would undergo a treatment based on a gel of car-amide-peroxide or hydrogen-peroxide. After this treatment is done you should follow the instructions of your dentist in your home or outsides.

Pasta bleaching
Whitening toothpastes, as occurs with baking, are only effective to clean the outer surface of the teeth. However, they are effective in maintaining clean dentin tubes after being subjected to a bleaching treatment at the dentist.

By following these tips you will keep your teeth whiten and never get sham to smile in front of all.
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