Sarvangasana Yoga Benefits - Shoulder Stand Yoga poses

Sarvangasana Yoga Benefits - Shoulder Stand Yoga poses

It is considered as the best asana among all the asanas, as it activates most of the important glands and help improve their function. Even old books on Yoga proclaim importance of this asana.

Step 1   : Exhale and inhaling start raising both the legs upward and stop when they make angle of 90 degree with the floor. Attain the Uttanpadasana posture.

Step 2   :  Exhaling raise the waist and push the legs backward over the head

Step 3   :  Support the waist with both the hands, using your hands get the legs, waist and back in one straight line and stabilize them in this position, stretch the toes towards sky. Keep the sight on the toes. Continue normal breathing.

To come out of this posture, just bend your knees, curve your back and slowly return to lying on the floor while exhaling. First bend your knees, put the palms on the floor, then curving the spine, gradually unfold it the way one unrolls a carpet. When your entire back touches the floor, straighten the knees, take a deep breath and slowly lower your legs to the ground while breathing out.

Benefits of Shoulder Stand Yoga poses:-

1. The main benefit of the shoulder stand is to get the thyroid gland working at peak efficiency. It's the thyroid gland which is mainly responsible for your correct weight and youthful appearance.
2. Boosts Sexual functions.
3. It vitalizes the nerves, purifies the blood and promote good circulation, strengthens the lower organs and helps them to stay in place.
4. It improves overall health.
5. It is beneficial for people suffering from poor circulation, constipation, indigestion, asthma and reduced virility.
6. This pose is especially recommended for women after childbirth and for those suffering from painful menstruation, other female disorders, and seminal weakness.
7. Improves blood circulation to the scalp inturn helping the hair growth.
8. Helps in weight loss.

The Sanskrit name for this posture sarvangasana means 'all the body'.

Duration :

This asana is difficult in the beginning especially for women with heavy hips and men with big belly's. Initially you can take help of other person while raising the hips and waist. Retain this position for fifteen seconds to six minutes, adding fifteen seconds per week.


Do not try this exercise if you are suffering from organic disorders of the thyroid gland. Be very cautious if you are suffering from chronic nasal catarrh.
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