Top 6 Sex Position That Gives You Climax Super fast

Top 4 Sex Position That Gives You Climax Super fast
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Top 4 Sex Position That Gives You Climax Super fast

While everyone loves a marathon sex session, sometimes you only have time to sneak in a sprint. But that doesn’t mean either of you have to sacrifice pleasure. 

Quickie sex is like Chinese food, says sex therapist Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First: The Thining Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman. As long as you pick dishes you know you like that consistently come out good, you won’t be disappointed. 

The following four sex positions fit the bill perfectlly: They’re reliable, efficient, and convenient. Try them next time you only have three and a half minutes to spare. 

Quickie benefits: Researchers from the University of Kentucky surveyed 14,000 men and women and found that doggy style leads to some of the shortest sack sessions.

The position provides a ton of friction and deeper penetration for you, says Kerner, while providing her with direct G-spot stimulation. (It’s also easy for her to use a vibrator on herself in this position.)  

How to do it: With her on all fours, kneel behind her with your upper body straight up or leaning slightly forward.


Quickie benefits: Bending over tightens her vaginal walls for extra friction. You also have easy access to her clitoris for additional stimulation. Plus, you can both keep some of your clothes on if you’re really in a rush.

How to do it: With both of you standing, she bends over at the waist; enter her from behind.

One of our tried and tested faves - the snail is a sure-fire way to get you going. 

Lying flat, pull your knees into your chest and throw your feet over the shoulders of your partner. 

He then kneels in front of you and enters you, taking his weight on his hands on either side of your shoulders. 

You get the added benefit of seeing how much your partner likes that deep feeling while he gets to see the exact same reaction from you - everyone's happy. 


Quickie benefits: There’s no hard and fast rule that a quickie has to end in orgasm, but if she wants to get off, Kerner says girl-on-top is one of the most efficient ways for women to get there.

And since you get a great view from down below, you’ll be on the express-track, too. 

How to do it: She kneels on top of you and slides up and down. Bonus: You can use your fingers or a vibrator here to give her extra clitoral stimulation.

The Crossed Keys SEX POSITION
The Crossed Keys SEX POSITION
We're mixing it up again, this is basically the Eagle but on a table, with a little something extra. 
In the Crossed Keys sex position you lie as you would for the Eagle, but on top of a raised surface with your bum on the edge and your legs crossed instead of splayed. 
Your partner stands in front of you and uses his hands to cross and uncross your legs while penetrating you. 

Trust us, all that squeezing is worth it.


Quickie benefits: After a long day, sometimes lazy sex is all both of you really crave. This position requires next-to-zero physical effort and yet it’s still hot, thanks to maximum skin-to-skin contact. 

How to do it: Both of you lie on your sides, facing the same direction. She brings her knees up slightly while you enter her from behind.

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