Vaginal Discharge Problem Solved 100% by Home Remedies ( Womens Sexual Parts Knowledge )

A definite amount of vaginal discharge is normal and healthy. Normal discharge is clear, whitish fluid and odorless produce from the vagina, cervix or the uterus. It differs during the menstrual cycle.

The discharge is 30 times more before ovulation and the mucous produced is watery and elastic during that stage. Normal discharge is a mode to save the vagina from the bacteria and to keep it clean and in a healthy state.

It is a subject of concern when the quantity of discharge increases, or color changes like yellow, green, clumpy like cottage cheese or has bad odor accompanied by itching and burning. This could be associated with sexually transmitted diseases, fungal infection, hormonal problems, pelvic inflammatory diseases, cervical infection or ovarian problems. Other factors for the occurrence of vaginal discharge can be an unhealthy diet, unhygienic conditions or metabolic irregularities. One suffers from symptoms like pelvic pain, fatigue and constipation.



Tea tree oil is an essential oil in getting away from vaginal discharge. You can apply it on the vaginal area.


Yogurt is a highly valuable element to eradicate vaginal discharge. It can kill the bad bacteria that are harmful in your vagina.

One can also use a tampon soaked in yogurt as it contains good bacteria which are harmless. It is known to give fruitful result.


Fenugreek seeds are efficient source to get rid of vaginal discharge. You can boil the fenugreek seeds in a good amount of water and drink the decoction. It can also be used externally as douche (a shower of water).


Make a paste from the pulp of mangoes and apply it on the vagina. It provides a positive result and gives you relief.


Put 2-3 cups of cider vinegar to your warm bath water. It counterbalances the alkaline conditions caused in the vagina by the odor causing bacteria.It also soothes you from tenderness and itching.


The anti-bacterial and anti-viral components of garlic can save you from vaginal discharge, which kill the harmful bacteria.Take garlic clove with white cover peeled off and put it into your vagina during bedtime and remove next morning.


You can add a teaspoon of coriander seeds in a glass of water, and then leave it overnight. Drink the content the next morning on an empty stomach. It cleanses your body from toxins and gives a beneficial outcome.


The most effectual remedy to cure vaginal discharge is to maintain hygiene. Make sure you wash your genitals after every urination and sexual intercourse. Another easy solution to prevent from vaginal discharge is to wear cotton panties as it permits your vagina to breathe.

Perfumed products are harmful for your private part; clean water is the best mean to wash your vagina. Go to bed at night without the undergarments. Change your undergarments twice a day. Try to avoid wearing tight clothes, as the fabric scrub against your vagina and top up to foul odor. During periods, change your pad or tampon after every four hour. Use panty liner if you have heavy vaginal discharge, it will cover the odor.


In addition to the home remedies, one should follow a healthy and nutritive diet. You should consume food having rich sources of vitamins B, C, D and E. These will keep you fit and are capable antioxidants.

Try avoiding food that contains yeast like cheese, beer, sweet chocolate and vinegar. Avoid starch and sugar. Add lots of fresh fruits in your diet plan. Some of the suggested foods that are constructive to heal you from vaginal discharge are onions, lemon, cranberries and oranges.

It’s time to break the walls and come out of this exasperating problem. Follow these effortless and secure home remedies and disposed of the annoying problem of vaginal discharge and lead an unbound and healthy life.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. 
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