Brun treatment by home Rmedies ( immediatly Burn Relief Remedies )

Burn is the damage or an injury caused by fire or heat. Mostly minor burns take place in our day to day living. Most minor burns at home occur in kitchen. Touching hot stoves, ovens, hot irons, hot utensils,etc. These are superficial in nature and can be treated at home. Minor burn is one in which only the outermost layer of the skin is injured which results mostly in inflammation or redness.1

However, if the burn is serious, it need immediate attention from the doctors. Here we discuss a few natural home treatment to cure minor burn at home.

Home Remedies For Burn:

Treat Burn at Home with Onion:
Run cold water over the burnt area for five minutes. Cut a onion in slices and rub the slice over the burnt area. It immediately gives relief from the pain and reduces inflammation

Natural treatment for burn with Aloe Vera:

Mix the gel of aloe vera with some honey and apply it on the burnt area. It soothes the pain.

Treatment of Burn with Turmeric:

Mix turmeric powder with curd and apply it on the burnt area. Let it stand for some 15 to 20 minutes and wash off. The curative properties of turmeric helps to heal the injury very fast. This paste may be applied again and again.

Prevent Blister with Tea-Bags:

Wet one tea-bag and apply it over the burnt area and keep it moist till the pain disappear. It prevents blister.

Get Relief From Pain with Ice:

Similarly, you can rub a cube of ice on the burnt area for 5 to 10 minutes to prevent blister and get relief from the pain.

Remove scars with Potatoes:

Slice a potato and keep the slice on the burnt area and bandage tightly. Keep the bandage for half hour. Potato gives immediate cooling effect and also removes scars.

Natural Remedy of burn with Cabbage:

Similarly, in place of potatoes, cabbage may be used.

Remove burn scars with Coconut oil and camphor:
Sometimes, burn leaves scar on the skin. This simple home remedy can be used to get rid of scars. Take two camphor cubes and mixed in 1 cup of coconut oil, preserve in a bottle. Apply it on the scar everyday.

Get Cooling effect with Colgate:

Colgate paste may be rubbed on burnt area. It gives immediate cooling effect.
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