Arthritis Pain Relief tips and remedies ( types of Arthritis )

Arthritis pain relief is a real and genuine requirement that any arthritis sufferer will tell you all about, or you will be very aware of the need for it if you, yourself are an arthritis sufferer.

Some people say they need pain relievers on a daily basis, others have "flare ups" with relatively little pain in-between.

Which ever one of these people you are, we are going to try and answer as many of the question that you might have surrounding arthritis, and also take a look at the various natural way of helping ease arthritis pain and discomfort.

This page will inform you of the symptoms of Arthritis, the different types of Arthritis, and the causes of Arthritis, as well as linking you to various simple and natural ways to get arthritis pain relief.

What is Osteoarthritis

  • Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that develops as a result of wear and tear of the cartilage in a joint, creating those knobbly fingers reminiscent of our grandparents. These gnarled joints are at some point most definitely in need of arthritis pain relief.
  • What actually happens is that the cartilage in the joints provides a nice smooth surface for bones to slide across, allowing painless and easy movement.
  • When the cartilage is worn away due to wear and tear or damage, the bones then almost start grinding together causing pain and stiffness, especially during damp weather or the morning after strenuous activity.
  • Some forms of arthritis can be reversible, and in some cases curable, with proper diet and lifestyle changes. These simple changes can not only relieve the inflammation and pain but can also stop degeneration and rejuvenate the affected joints.

What are the causes of Osteoarthritis?

  • As much as acne is the "right of passage" for teenagers then osteoarthritis must be the "right of passage" for those hitting the 50's and 60". So age can be considered as the number 1. cause of osteoarthritis, and the need for arthritis pain relief.
  • Obesity increases the risk of developing osteoarthritis. It makes sense that if you overload the chassis, something has to "give" and that will be the joints due to the undue stress extra weight places on them.
  • Genetics are another reason, this predisposes some people to arthritis more than others.
  • And finally traumatic injuries can speed up the development of arthritis.

Different Types of Arthritis

  • Juvenile Arthritis - This is a general term used for all types of arthritis that occur in children, the scary part is that this form of arthritis is even more prevalent than juvenile diabetes and cerebral palsy.
  • Gout The affliction that causes peals of laughter and amusement amongst friends and is always associated with too much drinking, but the truth is that these sudden, severe attacks of pain, tenderness, redness and swelling in some joints but mainly in the big toe joint are caused by increased levels of uric acid and is also a form of arthritis.
  • Infectious Arthritis - This is a form of joint inflammation caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infection. Infections arthritis can be cured using antibiotic medication
  • Osteoarthritis - this is what we all get sooner or later and especially if you are female, and are heading towards your 60's. It is simply a case of wear and tear, and this is the form of arthritis that we will be concentrating on here.
  • Psoriatic Arthritis - If you have psoriasis you have a 5% chance of developing this type of Arthritis, which involves joint inflammation and sometimes inflammation of the spine.
  • You should take a look at Ken's fascinating and incredibly informative website on psoriatic arthritis.
  • Reiter's Syndrome - this inflammation of the joints is a form of arthritis which usually develops following an intestinal or genital/urinary tract infection.

What are the symptoms of arthritis

  • Joint pain and inflammation of the joint. Your joints can just ache, but sometimes it can be a sharp stabbing pain, or even a burning sensation.
  • Arthritis can cause swelling of the joint, leaving your joints tender and sore. And now is the time to get natural arthritis pain relief.
  • Joint deformity - sometimes, particularly in fingers it seems as if your finger is growing sideways in the completely wrong direction that it is designed to be.
  • Early morning stiffness - getting up can be difficult, and also if you have been seated for a long time.
  • Crackly or crunchy feeling in your joints when you exercise the joint.
  • Lyme Disease can mimic arthritis, causing many of the same symptoms, so never self-diagnose, because maybe what you have is in fact not arthritis.
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