Home Remedie For Dark_Circles Using Avocado

  • The natural fats in avocado can do wonders for dry and tired looking skin.
  •  Dark circles can be a result of dry skin. The skin under the eyes turns dry and develops crow’s feet which can be a great heartache for beautiful women. 

  • Avocados can remove dry skin with just one application. This is a simple treatment where all you have to do is take a slice of avocado and keep it over your eyes.
  • Press the slices with your fingers every few minutes and leave it on for 15- 20 minutes. 
  • Avocados remove pigmentation, dark circles and age spots along with toning the skin to give it that alluring natural beauty, devoid of any chemical treatment.

  1. Take 5 drops of almond oil
  2. Take 3 slices of ripe avocado and blend them smoothly
  3. Smear this mixture around your eyes
  4. Allow it to be there nearly 5 minutes
  5. And then rinse it off with cold water

  • Choose a moisturizer which is made of some natural elements, such as, avocado oil, vitamin E, vitamin K, sesame. It will help you a lot to solve the problem.

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