What happens to your Body if You Quit Sugar { Real Facts}

What happens to your Body if You Quit Sugar { Real Facts}

Hello All Readers, Today i am Going To Tell You What Will Happens If You Don't Eat Sugar in Your Daily Life and Also Tell you What Effect Will Be Happened On Your Body. Quit Sugar Is Good for Health? or Not.. in This Post I Will Clear This Topic From Your Mind..

Yes, sugar is delicious and tempting and even comforting. But it’s also deadly for your health, your waistline, and your mind.

Not only does it cause the obvious problems like tooth decay, but sugar is also linked to impaired brain function, depression and anxiety, cancer and heart disease.

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Sugar is arguably one of the most important substances in the human body. Although it is constantly blamed for a plethora of health problems that plague most of the developed world, you can’t possibly do without it. The problem with sugar related illnesses lies in added sugars. Sugars that occur naturally in fruits, milk and cereals or their derivatives are extremely beneficial to your health. They provide the much needed energy to get you through the day. However, some processed foods contain large amounts of added sugars that may serve to improve the taste but eventually prove to be detrimental to your health. Natural food products provide enough sugar needed to sustain bodily functions. This is the reason why health experts and nutritionists around the world are advising people to quit sugar. Excessive sugar in the body causes a wide range of both physical and psychological effects. High concentration of sugar in the blood has been linked to complications we’d all like to avoid such as diabetes and hypertension.

To quit sugar is therefore a decision you must make to enjoy a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. It is completely unnecessary to enjoy the sweetness for a fleeting moment and suffer the consequences for a lifetime. But how much sugar is too much sugar. According to a Harvard university article, you require little if any extra sugar from processed foods because you can get all that you need naturally. They also go on to add that obesity and the cardiovascular epidemic is largely due to the excessive sugar consumed in modern society. There are amazing benefits of quitting sugar from processed foods and enjoying the sugar benefits sourced from natural food products.

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Helpful to Lose that excessive weight

One of the easiest ways to drop those extra pounds is to cut back on your sugar intake. For years, most of the nutritional information out there recommended that consumers check on the amount of fat and cholesterol in processed foods. However, many now realize that added sugars can seriously harm their health. This is because excessive added sugars are converted into body fat. The AHA recommends that you should consume no more than 6 teaspoonfuls of sugar a day.

Helps reduce the risk of heart disease

If you consume a large amount of added sugars in your food, you’re automatically predisposed to the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The intake of sugary processed foods triggers irregular metabolism and buildup of fat deposits that are considered one the primary causes of heart disease.

It Helps to Keep your skin looking great

Yes, this is an amazing fact. A low sugar diet is guaranteed to keep you glowing for longer. If you quit sugar, you will keep the production of advanced glycation end products at bay (AGEs). Keeping them at bay is essential if you want to avoid those unsightly wrinkles.

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It is important to remember that your body rarely need any extra sugar above the one contained in your natural food. Even if you have that craving for a soda or cake, make it an exception rather than the norm. Getting addicted to all the sweet stuff paraded in all the malls nowadays will certainly do you more harm than good. Bonnie Liebman in his article on the effects of excessive sugar in the body asserts that the extra bulge in your tummy is largely due extra sugar rather than high fat diets. So whatever you do, hold off on that sugary treat as long as you can.
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