Wear A Bra Can Be Dangerous of Women's Body

Wear A Bra Can Be Dangerous of Women's Body

October 13th is a National NO Bra Day. This day is invented by the promotors of breast cancer awareness. So, October is the month when we can see many women on the streets that are braless. 

Obviously, many ladies with no bras on them bring enough attention to this cause, but how can we actually know that wearing bras may be bad for the breasts!?

Bras are invented to keep a woman breasts “into place” and if you are a very active woman with larger breasts, this could be a good thing. It is hard to move around, when each move that you make is highlighted by the correspondent movements of your breasts.

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Scientists Have Told Women NOT to Wear Bras
Researchers believe that we lack a development of supporting breast tissue, when we wear bra and that without it, we could gain way more tone to support the breasts.

Women that stopped wearing a bras had a seven millimeter lift in the nipples compared to the regular bra users. Great! It looks like we do have a little control over the way our breasts appear over some time. The researchers claim that the bras can also hamper the circulation and reduce an overall tone of the breasts.

“For a younger woman, not wearing bra can lead to elasticity and increased collagen production, which increases lift in developing breast,” claimed  Dr. Stafford Broumand.

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Moreover, as we have mentioned before, women wear bras for many other reasons besides reducing a sag of the breasts. Commonly they are worn in order to keep the breasts not to move around and distract people that are around. Bras are very important piece of clothing used to cover women up more systematically. However, it seems like this is to our detriment and that perhaps we should reconsider to burn them.

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