Vagina facts - Right Way To Clean Vagina

Vagina facts - Right Way To Clean Vagina 

It is very important to wash the vagina regularly and keep it clean with the help of a mild, gentle soap and lukewarm water. There are particular rules how to properly take care of your vagina. It is really important to have them in mind because you are probably violating them.

Rinse your vagina only with water
Intimate hygiene gels are very popular these days. However, you should only use water because they are not recommended by gynecologists, where some of them are even forbidden.

You should leave the inside of the vagina alone
Lactobacili which are actually good bacteria, cleans the interior of the genitals. They help in the fight against viruses and keep the normal pH of your vagina.

Rinse it daily
You should not overdo with washing, it is enough to do it one time per day because intimate parts of the body are most sensitive.

Be careful with soap
If you really need to use soap to clean your vagina, you have to choose soap that won’t distort the pH value of your vagina. Soap with olive oil is highly recommended by the doctors because it does not dry the skin.

Do not use sponge or gloves
It would be best to not use sponge or gloves because they damage the mucous membrane.

Do not wash with steam
One of the most popular ways of cleaning the vagina in the last few years is cleaning with steam, but it is a wrong one because it is damaging your vagina.

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