Get Rid of Moles on Skin With Ayurveda Therapy

Sometimes referred to as nevi, moles are very common, especially in adults with a light skin tone. They may appear in groups or alone anywhere on the skin and are usually red, black or brown in color. They may be smooth or rough, raised or flat. Moles occur when cells known as melanocytes, which are present in the skin, increase in a cluster as opposed to spreading all over the skin. The appearance and number of moles also depend on other factors like sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, and genetics. 
Moles are of two types but differ from person to person in regards to size, shape and color. Congenital moles are present during birth and are often very small in diameter. Dysplastic moles, on the other hand, are large and irregular shaped, which can develop into melanoma. So, how to get rid of moles on the skin before they develop into a worrying skin disease? Here are some home remedies to overcome this skin problem.


1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Pour four or five drops of vinegar on a cotton ball, using a dropper. Put this ball on the mole, and cover it up with a bandage. Keep the bandage on for an hour and then remove it. Do this daily until the mole disappears.

Note: If you have sensitive skin, make sure you apply some petroleum jelly on the skin around the mole, so as to avoid irritation after application of ACV.

2. Iodine

Use a solution that contains 5% iodine. Pour a few drops on a cotton ball and place it on the mole. Wrap a bandage around the cotton ball. Do this two times a day, until the mole disappears. It is the best remedy for mole removal.

Note: Be very careful when you use iodine, as it can be toxic if used in large quantities.

3. Garlic

Cut a clove of garlic into half (length-wise) and place it on the mole. Cover it with a bandage and leave it on for the night. Remove bandage in the morning and repeat again at night, until the mole disappears.

Note: Using garlic can cause redness and itchiness of the skin.

4. Banana

Simply cover the mole with the inside of a banana peel. Wrap it up with a cloth or bandage. Keep doing this, until the mole falls off.

5. Strawberry

Cut a strawberry into half. You can put the piece of strawberry on the mole and wrap it up, or you may rub the strawberry on the mole. Do this for several days.

6. Baking Soda and Castor Oil

Make a paste by mixing a few drops of castor oil and baking soda. Apply the paste directly on the mole at night before going to bed, do not rinse until the following morning. Keep repeating every day, till the mole comes off.

7. Grapefruit Juice

Extract the juice of half a grapefruit. Dip a cotton ball in the juice and apply it onto the mole. You will notice the changes in a few weeks.

8. Aloe Vera Gel

Soak a gauze piece in the aloe vera gel and then put it on the mole. Wrap it up with a bandage and keep it on for 3 hours. Keep doing this until you notice any changes.

9. Flaxseed Oil

This remedy is very effective on moles that are raised. The oil will soften the mole and slacken it from the edges, so that it can fall off. Make a paste of some finely ground flax seeds, flaxseed oil and honey. Apply on the mole and let it stay for at least an hour. Repeating this three times a day will remove the mole in a few days.

10. Pineapple Juice

This is the best remedy for getting rid of moles on the face. Soak a gauze pad or cotton ball in about ½ a cup of pineapple juice. Apply directly on the mole and allow it to dry. Keep doing this throughout the day at intervals of 2 hours. The mole will come off in a few weeks’ time. Use fresh pineapple juice as opposed to packed juice, as fresh juices are more citric.

11. Onion Juice

Make some fresh onion juice and using a cotton ball apply it directly on the mole. After half an hour wash the area with water. Do this every day for thirty days, or until the mole disappears. Alternatively, mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and onion juice and apply it overnight.  Even though, onions are acidic in nature, they will definitely remove the mole without harming the skin.

12. Coriander Seeds

Make a paste of coriander seeds and apply it on the mole at night. It is a very effective herbal remedy for getting rid of mole on skin.

13. Vitamin C Tablet

Crush a vitamin C tablet and apply the powder on the mole. Cover the mole with a bandage and leave it overnight. Repeat for several days till the mole fades away.

14. Drumsticks

Grind four drumsticks and mix with some lemon juice. Apply on the mole and let it dry. After an hour, wash the paste off and pat the skin dry. Repeat everyday to see the mole lighten gradually.

15. Cumin Seeds

Soak some cumin seeds in water for the whole night. Make a thick paste by grinding them in the morning. Apply this evenly on the mole and wrap it up with a bandage.

Note- You may feel burning sensation after applying this paste. But, don’t worry. It’s harmless and won’t cause any damage to your skin.

16. Pomegranate Peels

Dry a few peels of pomegranate, grind them and mix in an equal amount of lemon juice to make a smooth paste. Apply over the mole and cover with a cloth or bandage. Do this at night before going to bed for a few days, until the mole fades away.

17. Sour Apples

To remove a mole in a month, apply the juice of a sour apple on the mole every day.

18. Potato

Cut a thin slice of a potato and place it on the mole. Wrap it up with a bandage and leave it overnight. Do this for a week.

19. Cauliflower Juice

The juice extracted from a cauliflower is very effective in removing skin moles in a short time. Simply apply the juice on the mole and let it dry. Do this every day for faster results.

20. Radish

Cut thin slices of radish and place on the mole five to six times a day. The mole will vanish within a few days.


  • Talk to your dermatologist before you try any of the above remedies.
  • Use a sunscreen lotion whenever you step out of the house.
  • Exfoliate the skin on a regular basis.
  • Eat balanced diet and drink plenty of water to keep your body function well, and avoid formation of moles.


  • Avoid exposure to the sun.
  • Do not pick or try to remove the mole using a sharp object.
  • Do not keep touching the mole.
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