Require Matel in Body for Live Healthy Life

Though the usage of metals has been the system of Ayurvedic medicine since the Vedic times, they came into extensive use in the health treatments only after the post- Buddhist period. According to Ayurveda, there are seven metals in the list that are essential for the body. They include gold, silver, copper, copper, tin, iron, lead and zinc. To get the perfect health we need all of these seven metals. The adequate amounts, or deficiency may lead to improper functioning of the body.

Ancient traditional mineral food for good health

Gold important to be healthy

Gold exist in our blood, eyes, semen, upper skin layers and intestines. The imbalance of the gold leads to general body weakness, vision problems, loss of imagining, skin complexion and voice. The pharmacological use of gold had started many years back with a medicine development ‘Auranofin’. Auranofin was used to prevent the Rheumatic arthritis, and also to stimulate the painful, tender and stiff limbs. Gold is having an immense effect on the immune system, which relieve from the painful symptoms of arthritis. Recent studies have proved that gold has the character to identify the diseases. It can detect the prostate cancer, cancerous cells in men and ovarian cancers in women.

Gold is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis in the past. But, they have largely been abandoned when they proved that it caused kidney cell destruction, bone marrow suppression, and immune abnormalities.

How important silver to be healthy?

Silver is exist in the upper layers of the bones, bone marrow, skin inner layers, gallbladder, blood vessels, pancreas, muscles, lungs and in the membranes which are investing for spinal cord and brain.

The consistent intake of silver that accumulates in the blood that forms organs like spleen, liver, and bone marrow, as well as the skin, lungs, and muscles. But, there is some serious pathology such as blood disorders, cirrhosis, pulmonary edema, chronic bronchitis, and a permanent skin condition which is as argyria. Silver is better left as the ancient lakes, and is tableware.

How to improve your health with lead?

In the human blood and lymphatic tissues, lead is present. The imbalance of lead calls for anemia, gastrointestinal tract disturbance that is due to low discharge of digestive juices, associates and hemolytic anemia.

Copper is the best mineral ancient traditional food for health

Copper is exist in upper and deeper layers of the skin, large glands, eye pupil, pericardium, mucosa of soft tissue, hair and pleura. Imbalance of copper encounters the skeleton system, nervous system, chronic inflammatory disorders and cardiovascular problems. Its deficiency is the main cause of the low production of red blood cells and hair keratinisation.

Copper mineral enhances all emotions when it is high in the body estrogen. Copper is required for healthy arteries, pigments in hair and skin, blood formation, energy production and for neurotransmitter substances such as dopamine. Copper has a wide variety of common symptoms, like depression, fatigue, acne, migraine headaches, ADD, moodiness, ADHD, autistic tendencies in babies and children, infertility, premature tension, and many others. Copper sources include organ meats, nuts, seeds, beans, grains, and chocolate. Cooper is often bright, young looking, creative and emotional, and is called the copper personality type. Excess copper is more common than deficiency today; this is due to the use of copper water pipes, birth control pills, vegetarian diets and stress.

Tin for better health benefits

Tin exists in every tissue of the body as well it is abundant in the abdominal muscles, blood vessels and blood, uterus outer layers and joint capsules. Its imbalance leads to the cause of malformation in bones, reproductive tract disorders, urine formation problems, polyurea and rise of perspiration.

Iron importance that helps to keep you healthy

Iron is the main factor for the transmission of oxygen to blood, if it is not present in the required amounts the blood transmission will become weak in the system which leads to poor health and fatigue. It is present in intestine villi, hair, pupil and small amounts in all the body tissues. Sufficient amount of iron in the body sorts out the problems of fatigue and prevents the cause of muscle weakness. Iron increases your brain grasping power and learning ability. Its deficiency causes the anemia, general debility, inability to do the general tasks, breath shortness and arteriosclerosis problems.

Zinc resources of mineral based traditional food

Zinc is present in brain, muscles, nerve tissues and blood. Its imbalance leads to the issues of nerve related problems such as anxiety, intellect dullness, depression, irritable temperament and severe forgetfulness.

Zinc is very important for joints, wound healing, skin, and prevents birth defects. It also helps to prevent diabetes, acne epilepsy, and childhood hyperactivity. It also helps to detoxify heavy metals. It has a calming effect and is needed to regenerate all body tissues. The richest sources of zinc are red meats, organ meats, seafood that is high in toxic metals. The other rich sources of zinc are chicken, turkey, eggs, wheat, oatmeal, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, and colostrum. Wheat products are highly inflammatory and irritating food for most people, but it is rich in zinc. Vegetarians mostly run a high risk of zinc deficiency because they avoid red meats. Low zinc in vegetarians tends to cause a worsening of copper toxicity. It is a supplement that is essential for everyone today. It is well as eating high zinc foods.
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