Nightmares About Death During Pregnancy and Vivid Dreams Solution

Pregnancy is one of the most delicate stages in the life of every woman. The family members as well as the women she needs to be very cautious with each and every step. This is the stage when women stay scared as they suffer from emotional crisis. Since they are carrying a life inside themselves, they are highly possessive about their unborn baby. Since various hormonal changes take place, they might adopt some bad dreams and nightmares during this stage. But, this horror and traumatic situation is not at all good for them. 
There must be a way through which this situation should be controlled. Even a little excitement can affect the baby growing inside her womb. Thus, the pregnant lady must always stay free from stress for the health of both mother and the baby. This article will explain you about such ways with the help of which all your nightmares and bad dreams can be eradicated.

Dreams are one of the important factors in the life of each individual. Some morning gives you a fresh feeling with pleasure and joy where as some other morning may be a reason of depressed feeling. This is due to good and bad dreams.  The scientists who deal with study of dreams are known as oneirologists.  Till date the scientists are not in a position to find out whether dreams originate from the brain. For years they are trying to find out whether dreams can be isolated from a single point. Most of the dreams are responsible for negative emotion in an individual.

Pregnant ladies and bad dreams

Bad dreams are also known as nightmares when they are described with a series of frightening images, sensation, emotions and ideas. This act of frightening takes place when people are sleeping at night.  This also happens during pregnancy period of women. Since women go through hormonal changes during the pregnancy period, she thinks about many things which make a negative interpretation during her dreams. Since, she goes through many physical and mental changes during the pregnancy period, nightmares or bad dreams quite common.

Possible treatments

Many people do not suffer from nightmares frequently.  They take these nightmares very casually and forgets it after they wakes up in the morning.  But, for many people nightmares become a reason of concern as they get it regularly and suffer. It is also a reason for depression and increased anxiety.

Types of treatments

Imagery rehearsal treatment – This is a type of treatment procedure where people are encouraged to make an alteration in the ending of the nightmare. It is also known as a cognitive therapy where people can imagine and replace the fearful outcome of the nightmare to a less distressing outcome. According to the recent report, 70% of the people had gotten success with this treatment procedure.
Painting dreams – The specialists ask the chronic bad dreamer to paint the place which the dreamer has dreamt. Then, the dreamer is asked to talk something in fantasy about the character of the dream. Thereafter, there is a freedom for the dreamer to draw a happier conclusion
Add common sense – Once you come out of the dream, you will realize that, whatever you are viewing is not at all in the practical world. Now, if you can add common sense to your thought, these can easily bright you out of anxiety and panic of dream world.
Relaxation techniques – Physical exercises, meditation, breathing exercise, no alcohol, no nicotine.
You can now find a happy place and visiting there for some time so that your mind and health becomes relaxed and you forget whatever you have viewed. You can also spend some time with your friends and well wishes with whom you feel very cozy and comfortable.  Think something that can make you happy when you are going to bed. You can be in an imaginary world such as flying in clouds and dancing with the trees and animals in the forests.

Causes of bad dreams

Interruption of sleep

Interruption is the main cause of a lot of women, the fact that your sleep is being constantly messed with and you’re not really getting 8 hours or more sleep to recover and have a normal night’s sleep.

Sleeping pills

It is better and recommended to consult your doctor regarding your sleepless night and sleeping pills you should take. Because some of the pills are not good for you and your unborn baby. You can also go for some natural sleeping remedies that can get as well. There is another thing that you can do is meditation. Meditation helps you a lot to get rid of bad dreams as well as sleepless nights.

You can also use to perform WILDS, which is yourself waking up in the night instead of just drifting off back to sleep, angry at the fact you’ve woken up, and try to relax, breathing deeply and entering a lucid dream are the opportunity techniques.

Random thoughts in your mind

This is best as the random thoughts in your mind are not good for your health. It can disturb your dreams as well as give you sleepless nights. Your dreams are the most important and primarily there to organize and sort through your thoughts. Store them in the correct part of your brain, so when you’ve got a load of vivid and random thoughts running around your head and you then have a night bit interrupted sleep that leads to your nightmares.

Best treatment for nightmares during pregnancy

This is the basic and most important thing for sorting these thoughts out. It helps to remain calm throughout the day. It also helps you to have a loving partner who can wait on you and take care of you so you’re not left to run around sorting the house out as well as your mind. Meditation is the basis of calming your mind that can be we’ve talked about this before on this site. But just in case you haven’t heard of it, this is for you to get rid of nightmares. When you meditate, you can clear your mind of any thoughts and allow yourself to be relaxed.

Tips to avoid bad dreams/ nightmares during pregnancy

Understanding the reason of nightmare

If you are free and sitting idle take a task of finding out the reason behind your nightmare that is haunting you throughout your days of pregnancy. You need to understand the reasons of your fear that is haunting you as nightmares throughout the night.  Even if you are not pregnant, nightmares can be one of the common reasons in adults due to stress associated among each person’s life. The nightmare will probably give you a vivid, realistic image of an even which will raise your palpitation and you will be in a state of terrific emotions. But, if you can know what are your terrors and overcome the terrors when you are awake, this nightmare will not haunt you again.

Treating health conditions

If the pregnant lady suffers from other health disorders such as depression, sleep apnea, etc., this can give rise to nightmares. The best thing will be to consult a doctor and avail a systematic treatment to avoid nightmares. It has been observed that most of the pregnant ladies suffering from sleep apnea or depression have got a great remedy of nightmares when gone through proper medications. Some doctor also prescribes a drug known as Prazosin who has such typical conditions. Even their condition has become well improved after having this medicine.

No eating before going to bed

You must also change some habits of your during your pregnancy period if you really wish to stay away from nightmares. One of such habit is eating before going to bed. Some people have the habit of consuming their dinner just few minutes before going to bed. But this will be a very harmful practice. Probably consuming meals just before going to bed will proportionately trigger nightmares. It is important for your brain to rest when you are sleeping. But when you have consumed food, it will increase your metabolism and the signal will go to your brain, which will be active once again to think and carry on with various activities. As your brain becomes active, your unconscious mind will get an imaginary sense and give rise to the nightmare.

Duration of sleep

Pregnant lady must be very cautious about proper sleep. As the right duration of sleep for each healthy person is 8-9 hours in a day, the pregnant lady must follow this duration. If this becomes less, you will get stressed out with lack of sleep and nightmares would definitely come in your way. But, in order to get a good sleep, you need to have a peaceful and relaxed environment. You should stay in a normal temperature region, the places which are too cold or too hot will not be favorable for you. The place of sleeping and lying down must be very comfortable such that you don’t feel uneasy in any way. Even when you are sleeping, just stay away from all types of noise surrounding you. You can take two cotton balls and get it inside your ears so that the unpleasant noise does not come in the way. 

Happy thought

You must always think positive and stay happy throughout your pregnancy period as this will be one of the best ways to bring happy dreams and stay healthy. You can think about a place like hilly areas, beaches or ocean side where you always had an aim to visit. This thought will be more active while you are asleep and you will wake out with a fresh and good mood in the next morning. If you can do this just before going to sleep, the effectiveness of positive outcome will increase. Also do not think multiple facts at a time or else your good dreams will be a mess and your will not bring a good signal when you are asleep at night.
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