Get Pregnant Fast Unknown Facts, Reason and Tips

Getting pregnant is not always a chance of happening; rather it is all about calculations. In order to get pregnant, you need to have a perfect fertilization. You need to have a track of the date of your periodic cycle and plan accordingly. Before trying to get pregnant through intercourse, it will be really important to decide that you really wish to conceive and get a baby now. 
Some people suffering from the infertility issue need to consult with their doctor immediately and try out other techniques to get pregnant. Today, fertility rate in both male and female are decreasing due to a variety of lifestyle issues. Today, around 40% of couples are suffering from infertility issue. Even due to a reduction in sperm count reduces the chance of getting pregnant. The medical science has discovered a variety of techniques such as through IVF, drugs etc.

Most couples who are having unprotected sex will get pregnant within a year. Couples without fertility problems can conceive, much sooner by following some helpful tips to get pregnant faster.

Instructions for getting pregnant

How to avoid stress during pregnancy

  • Couples should control their stress level as it interferes in conceiving. Relaxation will lead one to get pregnant.
  • Women should know the time of ovulating by using the ovulation predictor kit. This detects the increase of the LH surge in the urine, which is normally 24-36 hours before ovulation and thus the most likely time for one to become pregnant.
  • Men should not do excessive exercises, stay away from hot baths and avoid tight underwear.

Natural ways to get pregnant

Sometimes when one fails to get pregnant for long medical advice for fertility drugs may be required. But before going in for artificial fertilization some natural methods must be adopted to boost the chances of pregnancy. These natural methods are not costly, but can prove to be effective if one is patient and consistent in following them.

  • Different positions during sex should be adopted to ensure deep penetration that increases the chances of conception. A woman should lie flat for 15 minutes after intercourse to allow the sperms to travel to the egg.
  • Birth control pills should be stopped if one want’s to get pregnant fast. Birth control pills check pregnancy by stopping the ovulation. Some women start ovulating within two months of stopping the pills
  • The monitoring of the monthly cycles will help in determining the ovulating period in a woman. The two popular methods to determine this is the rhythm method and taking of the basal body temperature.
  • Both men and women should live a healthy lifestyle when trying foe pregnancy. Drugs and alcohol need to be avoided. Both should eat a balanced diet. Man should avoid activities like hot tub baths that cause heat to the scrotum, lowering the sperm count.
  • The internal spasms of the muscles help the sperm to enter the cervix if the woman has an orgasm after her partner.
  •  Sperms remain in the female body for a few days; hence having sex frequently will help one to get pregnant.

Easiest way to get pregnant

How to lose weight after pregnancy

Due to certain unhealthy habits ladies and gents gets the problem of slowing down pregnancy that too with great complication. Some women get pregnant without any effort, but for some it is anuphill task. There are some common sense tactics that help a woman to get pregnant quickly. Remember the following tactics to achieve success.

The egg in a woman’s body is ready for fertilization for 12-24 hours and the sperm lives in the woman’s body for 3-5 days. Hence the fertile period remains for a week on the 11th -21st day during the menstrual cycle of 28 days.
The best strategy to get pregnant is to have sex more often. The different positions during sex where the sperm enters deep into the cervix and sperms travel smoothly to the egg are effective steps to get pregnant.
 Couples need to relax and take care of their body and not fret to get pregnant. Give the process some time and keep patient.
Losing weight

Sometimes due to overweight women have complications in pregnancy. They even take time to conceive as the fat layer inside their body becomes a hindrance.   Thus, it is really important to stay physically fit for both male and women willing to get a baby of their own. The overweight women have a great change to develop infertility. Thus, before you try to conceive, it becomes important for the women carrying on with exercise regularly for 2- 3 months and reduce some weight.

Away from chemicals

Natural tips for pregnancy weight loss
Many women working in industries and laboratories need to deal with tough chemicals. The workers in the printing industry as well as agricultural pesticide industry are more prone to develop infertility. Once you have decided to become pregnant stay far away from the chemicals. If possible, change your occupation completely or take leave before and after the pregnancy period so that both your fertility and newborn baby does not get affected.

Avoiding stress

Today, most of the people are getting stressed out and this has probably been one of the reasons of slowing down the pregnancy rate. Most of the people need to work within the pressure and stress throughout the day. Along with mental affect, it also creates problems in hormonal secretion. Thus, stress must be avoided and you should stay happy before attempting to conceive. You need to think about the baby and control stress. You need to avoid the reason that gives rise to stress.

Having repeated sex

Intercourse in sex is the ultimate way to conceive and bring your baby in this world. Some couples get these sexual practices restricted due to work and other related factors. But, if you want to have your child and see one intercourse have not worked, repeated sex by keeping in mind about the fertilizing days will be important factors to consider. Women having 28-30 days of menstrual cycle gets the most fertile day about 14th day.  You also need to know that the life span of the ovum is 24 to 36 hours. Thus, you need to establish your sexual intercourse within this period. If you can carry on with sex within this period, chances of getting pregnancy become more.  You need to test pregnancy with urine test kit available in the medical store after having intercourse and check whether you have become pregnant.

Balanced diet

Best foods to be consumed during pregnancy
Food is also an important factor which must be considered when you are in the process of conceiving. You must have balance diet that has a good amount of protein, minerals and other nutrients that will boost the procedure of conceiving in a lady. You should always go for nutritious food, so that conceiving takes place in an ease without any complications.  You can also consume other supplements and micronutrients in your diet.

Stop smoking

Most of the ladies today have a habit of smoking. Even many have turned to chain smoker. If you want to conceive and bring your child to this world, you must sacrifice some of your lifestyle one among it is smoking. Just quit smoking for your new born baby and behave like a mother with enough tenderness and care for your baby.

If none of these strategies work for long consult a doctor and go in for proper infertility treatment.

Healthy pregnancy planning

You should try to conceive, eat nutritious foods, and maintain a healthy weight for good pregnancy. Get regular exercise and try to avoid bad habits. You must limit your caffeine intake to less than 200 milligrams a day. It may not contribute to fertility problems. At your preconception appointment, any medications, if you’re taking and find out if they’ll be safe to use during pregnancy. It helps that you can dramatically reduce the risk of certain birth defects if you begin to take folic acid at least one month before you start trying to conceive. But, you should give ahead of time to give your baby a healthy start.

Figure out when you ovulate

How to prevent hair loss after pregnancy
Ovulation period is very important for every woman to become pregnant. This helps for quick and you should know when you ovulate. You ovulate only once each menstrual cycle, and there are just a few days during that time and when it’s possible to conceive. So, knowing when you ovulate means that you and your partner can time intercourse to have the best chance of getting pregnant that cycle. Use a few different methods to figure out when you ovulate. If you have irregular periods then pinpointing ovulation could be difficult.

Having sex at the right time

If you are planning for pregnancy, you should be mentally prepared and once you know the timeframe your egg is likely to be release from your ovary. So, you can plan to have sex during your most fertile days. It is usually about three days before ovulation through the day you ovulate. So, set a range of days for baby making sex this is because of the sperm can survive from 3 – 6 days in your body. That egg survives for only about a day that means if you have sex on first day, then sperm can survive in your fallopian tubes until 3 days or even 6 days. If you have irregular periods, then it is hard to find the fertile period, just have sex every other day that will have healthy sperm in your fallopian tubes whenever your egg gets released.
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