Famous Exercise to Reduce Back Fat in 2 weeks only

Fat is one of the words that we hate the most! Keeping ourselves healthy has always been linked to losing fat and being fat. In this article, we have brought to you some popular exercises which you can follow in your exercise routine. These have been selected as they are the best forms of exercise for removing back fat.
If you have fat in parts of your body and you are into the constant struggle to reduce them, you might already know that back fat is difficult to shed. Compared to other parts like your stomach, thighs and even face, back fat takes longer time and patience to reduce. Let us go through some exercises which you can follow on a regular basis. These will help you lose the extra pounds and get you in shape for the backless blouse!


Our back is made up of many muscles and pulls ups are one exercise which tones all of them together. It is a little difficult, especially for beginners but you will get used to it when you start. Gripping a bar with palms facing out is the ideal type of pull up that you should do. The negative pull up is a way that you can stand on something for hoisting up and then get into end pull-up position. You can try assisted pull- ups if you have a machine or you go to a gym.

Single-arm clean and press

Squat your body to hold your weight in the position, and then slowly come out, by throwing your hips forward. Bring in the ‘high pull’ position so that your elbow is above shoulder and the weight touches your chest. Hold the weight by bending knees and drop elbow underneath at the same time. As your knees are bent, drive through your heels and press weight overhead. Now reverse the step by bringing elbow back into your body. Raise elbow again and drop weight straight to the ground. Repeat the exercise thrice.

Dumbbell row

To do this exercise, place any of your knees on a bench, table or couch with 3-5 pounds of dumbbell on the other hand. Keep your back flat and slightly bend forward. Pull back your arm straight like you are rowing. This will make you contract the upper back and elbow will skim the side of your body as it moves. Practice 12 sets and then switch arms.

Plank with lateral arm raise

Get into the position of a straight-arm plank. Keep your hands below and aligned to your shoulders. Keep your feet slightly wider and hip-width apart. Try to keep your hips as still as possible and then lift one arm up to your shoulder height. Retrieve back to the center and then lift the other arm up to the shoulder height. Draw your belly button up and in. Make sure your body is centered! Repeat it 10 times on each side.

Push-up holds

Come to the push-up position and keep hands slightly wider than your shoulder width. Keep feet hip-width apart while you body forms a straight line from heads to heels. Bend your elbows and lower body till hovering few inches above ground. Hold it for 1 long breath and then press half-way up. Hold another deep breath. Next, lower your back down to the lowest position and hold for another breath. Return to half-way point and then have the last breath held. Repeat thrice and then repeat 5 sets.

Delt raise

Get dumbbells of 5 to 10 pounds to do this exercise. Keep your feet hip-width apart and bend knees slightly. Shift your hips back as you lower torso till you’re around parallel to ground. Now, turn palms to face each other and then bend elbows. Choose dumbbells and hold them in both hands. Lift weights up to shoulder’s height. Stress on your back and not arms while you raise weight. Lower back gently and keep working on core and glutes throughout the movement. Repeat the exercise 10 times.


This move will work on your chest but it results into being great for back as well. Get into the regular push-up position. Place hands on ground wider than shoulder-width apart. When you push your body lower into a contracted position, you are engaging your back more than your chest. So which your lower yourself slowly, focus on the downward movement. Hold it for about 3 to 5 seconds and then push back up.


Skipping is an amazing exercise which reduces fat from all areas of your body. Skipping is one of the best exercises when you want quick and visible results. This exercise is also known as jumping rope as your skipping rope jumps with you! This exercises works on your shoulders, your hands and while you jump your get all the benefits of spot-jump. It happens to be a great cardio exercise which you should add to your daily exercise routine.
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