Ayurvedic Way to Relief From Stress in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be really stressful, particularly for the first time mothers. In this busy lifestyle when we are already stressed to balance between our professional and personal lives, pregnancy can certainly add one more reason to cause stress. However, you can actually manage this stress effectively, just by staying a bit cautious and implementing a few measures in your daily life. During pregnancy, your body goes through different hormonal changes that often causes mood swings and can even result in stress. During early pregnancy, not feeling physically fit, can also cause stress to a great extent.

Stress is not actually good for your health and hence it is not good for your baby too. You need to manage stress during pregnancy effectively in order to be able to enjoy this special time of your life instead of getting all worried and stressed about it. This article will give you some great and effective ideas for avoiding pregnancy stress.

Tips to get rid of stress at the time of pregnancy for better relief

Take the right diet

During pregnancy your diet not only regulates the health of your baby, but also your mood. If you are taking a well-balanced and nutritious diet that is rich in all the vitamins and minerals you are more likely to experience the less physical comfortlessness, which can greatly reduce the pregnancy stress. Including foods in your diet that are rich in B vitamins can help in secretion of more serotonin in the body, which works to reduce stress.

Staying away from rich and spicy foods and resorting to a dietary fiber rich diet can be effective to control any kind of digestive problems during pregnancy, eliminating one of the major causes of stress during this time. Also ensure that your diet includes a sufficient amount of liquids, because during pregnancy your body needs more liquids and if your body is dehydrated you are sure to feel uncomfortable, which can cause more stress.

Take adequate rest

You might be skipping 1-2 hours of your daily quota of sleep during the normal days just to get some more hours for completing your daily chores, but during pregnancy it is not really a good idea to skimp on your sleep. You need to take adequate rest during pregnancy to ensure that you are not over stressed. It is a time when you should say no to work even if you have time, because your body needs more rest now. It is not really suggested to spend long hours in bed during pregnancy, rather you need to stay active during this time unless prescribed otherwise, but staying active and skipping on needed rest are not the same things.

So, make it a point that you take a minimum of 7-8 hours sound sleep during every night and also try to take small breaks during the whole day just to rest. Sleep is considered as one of the most effective stress busters and if you are able to sleep properly, you are most expected to be able to fight the pregnancy stress more effectively.

Go to yoga

Yoga is considered as one of the most effective ways of relieving stress from the mind and the body. So, if you are looking for ways to avoid pregnancy stress effectively, taking up yoga can be a very good option. However, if you have not been already done yoga before the pregnancy, it is best suggested to consult with your doctor first and also to inform your yoga teacher about your medical conditions before you start with the practices.

Do some light exercises

Exercising is also effective to reduce stress, but during pregnancy heavy exercise is surely not suitable for you. So, you need to opt for light stretching and other exercises that can be effective to relieve stress, but will not cause stress on the body. You need to talk to your doctor and your trainer before you pick the right exercises and the frequency of exercises that will suit you best during this period.

Get some alternative therapies for relaxing

There are a number of alternative therapies like massaging, acupuncture and aromatherapy that can be really relaxing for your senses. Opting for these therapies once in a week or as frequently as possible can be an effective way to avoid pregnancy stress. These therapies relax your muscles and your nerves, helping you to get back to a more comfortable physical and mental state. However, before you opt for any of these alternative therapies have a talk with your gynecologist and also choose a therapist who has sufficient experience in treating pregnant patients.

Take short weekend breaks

Sleeping and taking rest are surely the most preferred ways of relaxing, but going out to a serene place close to the nature can also be highly soothing for many. So, if you are someone who loves the nature, make it a point to go out on short weekend breaks to some nearby suburbs that will not take much time to reach. Being close to the nature can be very helpful to reduce stress and feel rejuvenated because nature has its own healing abilities. However, always ensure that you should not plan anything hectic that can stress you out instead of relaxing.

Talk about it

During pregnancy, talking about it can be an effective way to avoid stress. You can talk about it with your friends or with anyone who is close to you, and can actually lend you an ear to listen. Nowadays, there are also a number of pregnancy apps that will enable you to connect with other pregnant women, giving you an easy way to communicate and share your thoughts and worries with other women at your stage. So, start talking about it and you are sure to feel better.

Have fun and be happy

Staying happy during pregnancy can actually help you to stay away from any stress. The way of having fun can differ from person to person, so you need to do the things that actually make you happy. For some watching a cartoon movie sitting with family can be a real fun, while for some going out for shopping can be the best way to enjoy and to have fun. So, do everything that is fun for you and can keep you happy. However, always ensure that you should plan your ways of having fun according to your physical condition so that it does not cause stress in any way.

Talk about your worries with your doctor

For first time mothers being worried about how labor will be and how the things will go can be a point of stress and the best way to control this stress is to talk with your doctor about all your worries. Once you are informed about how the things are going to be during labor, you are most expected to feel more relieved which will erase the cause of stress.


Meditation is the great and effective method to be relaxed. So, meditate for at least half an hour. Ensuring you get half an hour of undisturbed time can be quite a challenge. It happens mostly when you have other children to care for, but perhaps you take the chance when they go down for an afternoon nap or when they slept at night. Play soothing music softly if it relaxes you, by settling into a comfortable position. Start focusing on your breathing, take a deep breath slowly and make a conscious effort to release tensions and worries with each exhalation. If once you settled then you can use any number of meditation techniques. You just imagine yourself in a beautiful, relaxing place, slowly develop a mental picture of your perfect restful location, focus on your baby, sending it extra oxygen with each breath and thinking positively about meeting your baby and your future life together. So, you might learn meditation techniques in a pregnancy yoga class or any books, surfing the Internet may help you.

Laughter is the best stress reduction tip

Laughter is the great way to reduce stress during pregnancy. It helps to release chemicals in the brain that will improve your mood and help us feel better. So, take time during your pregnancy to rent some comedies. You have to spend a quiet evening or afternoon by watching movies that make you laugh. So, look for the amusing things that can naturally happen around you. Laughter makes you feel happier and more relaxed.

Best relaxation tip for visitors

Every day you should be responsible to become overwhelming and stressful. It helps to reduce stress during pregnancy and have people visit you. So, invite your friends or family that you can enjoy being with them to your home. Friends help with chores or talk to you while you do things around the house. Visitors will help to provide you with support, chatting, laughter, and socializing. Family and friends are the best wonderful support network while you are pregnant and better even after the baby is born.
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