Ayurvedic High Blood Pressure Home Remedies ( Causes, symptoms and Prevention Tips )

Lifestyle plays a major role in treating High Blood Pressure (HBP). You can control your high blood pressure with the help of some home remedies. HBP has an indispensable part of managing it to prevent the critical lifestyle. This can be diagnosed with HBP, which is called as hypertension. This is because it leads to some of the risk factors for the disease. 
You can treat it by using medication also, but there are some side effects like dizziness, leg cramps, and insomnia. There are some complications from where you should increase the likelihood of an individual with cardiovascular disease. There are some other complications such as poor circulation, risk of heart attack, diabetes, kidney disease, vision loss, damage to the heart muscle and tissue, and risk of stroke.

Blood pressure may come to you due to various varying factors like the amount of water and salt in your body, blood vessel condition and main organs like kidneys, nervous system functioning conditions, person hormone levels etc.

People with higher risk of high blood pressure include

  • If the person is having the health issues like obesity and diabetes.
  • If the person is under the stress or anxious condition.
  • If he/she is smoking often in a day and taking alcohols up to the limit will call for hypertension.
  • A family history of having blood pressure.

Causes of the high blood pressure
  • Most of the people don’t have any cause of high blood pressure. This is called essential hypertension.
  • High blood pressure, which is caused by another medication or medical condition is called secondary hypertension.

Secondary hypertension come to you due to

  • Hyperparathyroidism,
  • Chronic kidney disease,
  • Arrowed artery (This artery supplies blood to the kidney)
  • Pregnancy
  • Disorders found in the adrenal gland like pheochromocytoma or Cushing syndrome.
  • Medicines like birth control pills, migraine medicines, diet pills, medicines are used for cold problem.

Symptoms of high blood pressure to look

For most of the people there wouldn’t be any symptoms and many of them discover only when they consult the doctor. As it is, having no particular conditions or symptoms people going deep without knowing them. Kidney problems are also similar to it.

If you are having severe/bad headache, nosebleeds, nausea or vomiting, confusion, vision change and nose bleeds if you have a severe high blood pressure called malignant hypertension. If you are being with pre-hypertension, most recommended is to alter the lifestyle. This practice will down the blood pressure levels to a normal slide.

How to treat high blood pressure with natural home remedies?

Basil leaves to lower hypertension

Basil is the best herb that helps in a variety of health as well as skin problems. Basil leaves help to lower blood pressure. Take a handful of basil leaves and extract juice from them, as it helps to lower blood pressure. Or you can also add some fresh basil leaves into your diet like pastas, salads, soups, casseroles.

Ginger best home remedy tip for HBP

Ginger is the best natural home remedy that helps to control blood pressure. It helps to improve blood circulation. It helps to keep you relaxed with muscles surrounding blood vessels. It is commonly used in most of the recipes that you prepare in the kitchen as it is healthy. Ginger can be used in sweets or beverages as it has versatile property. So, grate fresh ginger into stir-fries, soups, chop, mince, and noodle or vegetable dishes. You can also add ginger into desserts for a refreshing taste.

Flaxseed to reduce hypertension

Flaxseed is the best natural home remedy for hypertension or high blood pressure. Flax seeds are  rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They help to you from protecting you against atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease as it can reduce serum cholesterol. It helps to improve glucose tolerance due to its antioxidant property. Flaxseed powder can be added into your home made cooked meals, such as soups, smoothies and baked goods.

Garlic to lower high blood pressure

Garlic has the ability to lower blood pressure. It helps to protect you from the cause of your blood vessels to relax and dilate. Garlic reduces blood pressure. You can just add fresh garlic to a number of your recipes. If the flavor is very strong for you, then it is better to roast it first and have it. If you simply can’t eat the stuff then you can get garlic as an supplement form also to protect yourself from high blood pressure.

To control the blood pressure one can do many things at home.

  • Eating heart friendly food, Consider fiber, potassium, iron oriented diet to make your heart healthy. Drinking plenty of water also one prominent choice.
  • Decrease the usage of sodium in your food and find the later benefits.
  • Stay away from smoking, If you have the habit of smoking, then avoid it and quit it on slowly. Finding problem while leaving the cigarette is genuine, so take the consultant doctor suggestions.
  • The limit and the alcohol drinking, Keep concentration of how much you are drinking and limit it.
  • Avoid stress, Travel on the way to avoid things that cause you stress. One can try yoga or meditation to heal it.
  • Figure you at a healthy weight, A regular and precise form of exercises will allow you to stay at perfect fits and makes you fit.
  • Find the programs for weight loss, quit cigarette smoking, and physical activities for exact results.

With the changes among the lifestyle that you are leading and with the prescribed medicines, high blood pressure is controlled to the extents. Though it is not controlled with the medication and lifestyle you are at risk for Chronic kidney disease, decrease in the supply of blood to the legs, Heart failure or heart attack, Blurriness or vision problems, Bleeding from the large blood vessel (Aorta) which is the supplier of blood to abdomen, legs and pelvis.
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