Best Way to Care of Your Hair ( Make Your Hair Healthy )

this post talks about the top measures you can take to protect your hair from humidity. Would you like to know what they are? Read on!

1. Use Good Shampoos:

If you intend to use flat iron and dryers, your hair will have to endure a lot of heat. So it is best to start in the shower and invest in a really good shampoo. You can buy the salon shampoos, which contain more oils, vitamins and minerals and less sulfate. If you have a preference, you can buy any kind of shampoo that fits your budget and suits your hair as long as you are sure that it is doing your hair justice.

2. Leave In Conditioners:

There are a lot of leave-in conditioners that work against humidity. As the product stays on your hair throughout the day, your hair is less likely to be stripped of moisture. Hence, you are less likely to sport a head of frizz.

3. Silicone Balm:

Hair smoothening creams and balms make all the difference if you blow dry your hair. These balms protect your hair from the heat and reduce frizz that is a sure aftermath of blow drying on a humid day. The balm also protects and seals in the moisture in your hair, so your hair will develop less frizz.

4. Cold Splash:

After washing your hair, put some cold water in an atomizer or spray can. Now spray the water on your hair. This is going to close up your pores, and seal the hair cuticles. So the atmospheric moisture will not interfere with your hairstyle.

5. Keep It Natural:

Keeping the frizz under control itself calls for a number of product and hair styling (or taming) measures. So do yourself a favour and don’t pile on extra work by trying to alter the texture of your hair. If you have straight hair, let it be; and the same goes for curly hair. Maybe this one season you can own who you are (hair-wise) and just run with it. Using more products can only cause unwanted damage to your hair.

6. Keep It Long:

Many of us, tired of the frizz and dried out hair, chop off our hair. But this is not as effective as we think it is. Just think about it; which type of hair gets frizzy and puffy quickly? Short, less volume hair or long hair? Due to sheer weight, long hair tends to be less bushy than shorter hair in the face of humidity.

7. Keep It Tied:

If you have lush, long hair, and hence, this is definitely the last resort. But if you have not been able to put on all the precautionary balms and moisturizers on your hair, you can tie up your hair in a clip. So if your tresses go astray, they will at least not fly into your mouth. It is a difficult task to stay chic in a humid climate, but you can wear your hairties in style.

These are some tips you can adopt to make your life easier (hair-wise, of course) on a humid day. But if all else fails, you can always put on a trendy scarf and rock the 1940 Hollywood glamour queen look while protecting your hair1

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