Real facts about Lemon Juice ( Home Remedies of Lemon Juice )

Lemon juice home remedies takes at look the healing powers of the lemon, and gives some useful tips on normal day to day activities using lemon juice.

This page is important to us at home remedies for those going through the process of breast cancer.

TRY the lemon juice, it works, not only to help in increasing your ability to fight off infection, but also with the effects of the chemotherapy cancer treatment.

Lemons and Vitamin C

It is a known fact that a low intake of Vitamin C makes people prone to infection.

Vitamin C helps to maintain the immune system, it lowers levels of histamine, a naturally occurring chemical that causes stuffy noses.

Lemon juice is packed with vitamin c, an antioxidant, which can prevent oxidative damage to human cells.

It helps disarm powerful oxygen molecules in the body that contribute to cancer, and increases the body's ability to fight off infection.

Lemon juice home remedies have been used through the years for the relief of colds and flu.

Vitamin C helps reduce the damage toxins do to the cells and is also a detox which helps expel these very same toxins from the body.

It is also believed to help with rheumatism, and often used for gout home remedies as well as for kidney stones home remedies and also as an arthritis home remedy when toxic waste products in the blood concentrate round the joints.

Believe it or not but the juice of this fruit is also reputed to be very good as home remedies for removing warts. 

Lemons and keeping your home clean.

Discover how useful Lemons can be to Clean your Home in a natural, Eco Friendly way.

Delve into this a little further and see how provides you with easy to follow recipes for all your cleaning needs. 

Lemons and Citric Acid.

When you think of lemons, you think acidic, but the Citric acid contained in lemons, is the most common form of vitamin C, and when used in moderation is a healthy dietary supplement.

Useful tip - Lemon Juice as a Hair Lightener

Want to lighten your hair and Mom told you to use lemon juice?

Good idea, this is one of the oldest methods of lightening your hair, and has been used as a lemon juice home remedy for centuries.

A very simple lemon Juice home remedy is to comb lemon juice through your wet hair and allow to dry in the sun, repeat a few times, but remember that the acid in lemon juice will dry your hair, so massage some honey into your hair afterwards as a conditioner. Will be a bit Sticky, so rinse off properly with warm water.

And why does lemon juice work to lighten your hair?

Cause the citric acid in lemon juice opens the cuticles and the hair becomes more receptive to UV rays which starts a bleaching process

Lemons and Flavenoids.

Lemon juice is rich in flavenoids. Which means it can be really useful for lemon juice home remedies.

Some flavenoids are potent anti-oxidants, and others help regulate enzymes that may promote the growth of tumors.

Lemons and Terpenes.

Lemons also contain terpenes.

This substance helps prevent the oxidation of LDL or "bad" cholesterol which we all know can lead to blocked arteries and all the problems that go hand in hand with this ailment.

Lemons and Limonene.

The zest (or peel) of Lemons are a good source of limonene, and studies have shown that limonene has anti-cancer effects. Limonene increases the levels of liver enzymes involved in detoxifying carcinogens.

Limonene is also used as a solvent and a cleaner.

In the old days lemons were used as disinfectants in hospitals. Lemons are our most natural anti-septic available.

Lemons and Psoralens.

Lemons contain Psoralens which are found naturally in plants and when applied to the skin or taken orally may be prescribed for people with skin disorders such as psoriasis.

Lemon Juice Home Remedies for Preserving Food

Limp Lettuce?

Soak lettuce leaves in cold water with the juice of a lemon. Refrigerate for an hour.

Sprinkle Avos and apples with lemon juice to prevent them from going brown.
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