Potassium Deficiency and facts ( Best Potassium Rich Food )

A potassium deficiency means that the cells, nerves and
muscles of the body will not function properly.

High Blood Pressure and Potassium
  • There is no question that adding potassium to our diet lowers high blood pressure and a deficiency in this mineral can even higher it.
  • Potassium also keeps a high-sodium diet in check and too little can lead to sodium retention, which over time may trigger high blood pressure.
  • Potassium keeps the artery walls elastic, thus immunizing blood vessels against damage from high blood pressure, and thereby reducing the chance of a stroke (cerebrovascular event).
Potassium Shortage and Athletes - Keep on top of your game.
  • The benefits of exercise are undeniable, and for the modern athlete nutrition should be taken seriously and not just a means of manipulating your diet for short term effects.
  • Potassium in muscles is slowly depleted as they work repeatedly.
  • During exercise the body needs potassium for the releasae of energy and for a regular heartbeat.
  • Stores of this essential mineral need to be replenished by including potassium rich foods in your diet.
Banana, a great in-between snack, rich in potassium and easy to consume during "potassium draining" sporting events like marathons and long bicycle rides.

Potassium and Gout
  • In gout home remedies we look at how potassium can lower uric acid in the body, and keep the urine alkaline.
  • And in natural gout remedies,we paid attention to how this mineral can help reduce the build up of uric acid and assist in preventing the crystals from forming that settle in the joint and lead to an extremely painful and debilitating attack of gout.
Broccolli has hefty portions of potassium so add to your diet along with sweet potato, cherries and salmon.

Potassium and Restless legs.
  • The cells, nerves and muscles of the body would not function properly if one is suffering from a potassium deficiency.
  • This could perhaps be the reason why a deficiency in this mineral is also thought to be a cause for restless leg syndrome.
  • Why not take some time and have a look at home-remedies-for-restless-legs and see an interesting variety of natural remedies for this sleep-depriving ailment.

Concoct your own salad using avocado pear, almonds, some chopped uncooked spinach - all natural sources of potassium  and mix with whatever takes your fancy like cherry tomatoes and chopped onions.
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