Keloids Ayurvedic Homeopathic Treatment at Home

Keloids are a typical kind of scars that generate over the skin even after the skin got healed from the previous problem. They build up on the rest of the skin in pink or purple color and are smooth to touch. Keloids commonly develop on the chest, arms, back, and the upper part of the hand. 
Keloids are caused due to the improper collagen, which is formed when the skin is damaged as a part of the healing process. It can be healed with creams that contain retinoids, steroids injection and surgery. Keloids don’t follow any particular shape where as they enlarge progressively.

Causes of Keloids

The main causes of Keloids is a common scientific belief when damaged with tears, skin, collagen forms quickly as a part of the healing process. It occurs when an improper amount of collagen growth occurs in a scar. It has debris in the wound, the collagen fibers will be laid erratically.

Symptoms of Keloids

Keloids are bumpy and are in irregular shapes lesions like pain and itching but are not contagious. These lesions can be developed after surgeries or even after minor skin injuries like insect bites. Keloids are troublesome, but not malignant and can develop either suddenly after an injury or after a few months.

Home remedies to reduce Keloids

How to get rid of Keloids by aloe vera gel?

The natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties of aloe vera help to heal your Keloids when they are in the initial stage, if they are a year older it’s effects are very less over the Keloids prone skin. Get an aloe vera gel bottle and massage on the affected area for two times a day. You can try applying the gel from the aloe vera plant. Aloe vera reduces the appearance of the scar and provides a soothing effect.

Ways to treat Keloids with lemon extract

Use fresh lemon juice to minimize the appearance of scar. It lightens the top layer of the skin cells, turns it less noticeable. Squeeze a lemon in a bowl and dip cotton ball in it. Rub the cotton ball on the Keloids surface. Do this procedure about two times a day for the endeavoring results.

Effective natural home remedy of Keloids with onion extract

Onion extract is used in a few over-the-counter scar treatments. Onion extract can minimize the scar formation, hence it is good to treat the Keloids, which triggers even after the formation of skin or after the heal up of skin. Make your own onion extract with the simple steps as explained.

  • Take a white onion and cut it into pieces
  • Keep the pieces in a cloth and tie its open end.
  • Place this onion pieces contained cloth in a bowl and press it with the help of another bowl, by which the juice from the onion will come out.
  • Take a Q-tip and dip in the onion extract, and then apply it on the Keloids for three to four times a day.

The Vitamin E remedy to reduce Keloids naturally

Vitamin E supports the skin growth and lowers the appearance of scars on the skin. You can get the vitamin E oil from the vitamin E capsules. Extract the oil and rub it over the affected area. Also try the creams that are having vitamin E.

Buy over-the-counter scar removal ointment for Keloids

You can get this ointment from your nearby drugstore. Alternatively, take the help of creams and gels that are made to reduce the skin scar appearance. These products contain steroids, which helps to reduce the itching problem.

  • Apply the gel, cream or ointment as suggested on the bottle for the prescribed period. It may take several months to cure it completely.
  • When you are going to buy the product, check the label and get the one which contains an onion skin extract -studies have proved that the products made out of onion skin extract will minimize the scar growth.
  • Medical treatment for Keloids

If the above home remedies are not meeting your problem, then you need to go with medical treatments like cortisone injections, laser treatments and surgeries according to the suggestions of your doctor.

Keloid treatment with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the best treatment that helps to minimize the size and redness of the scar. Apply apple cider vinegar directly on the affected area and gently massage it so the vinegar gets dissolved into the skin. Let it dry for a few minutes. Repeat the process to expedite healing and several times a day for maximum results. You have to continue the treatment for 4 – 5 weeks.

Warning: Immediately wash away apple cider vinegar, if it causes skin irritation when you applied directly. You can use it by diluting it with water. You can also use pure tea tree oil for better immediate results.

Home remedy for Keloids with baking soda

Baking soda is the best home remedy on how to reduce Keloids. It helps to exfoliate the skin that can be used to manage keloids. Mix one part of baking soda with three parts of hydrogen peroxide to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the affected area and it helps to reduce the inflammation. It can speed up the healing process. Repeat it three or four times a day and depends upon the severity of the scar.
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