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Snoring Remedies and Treatment

You might think you don't need snoring remedies, but if your partner complains about you snoring, take very careful notice,  cause this can be the cause  of serious problems in a relationship.
In fact some people snore so loudly, it can cause problems with all the inhabitants in the home.

I once stayed in a hotel, where I had to ask to be moved in the middle of the night cause the guy next door was snoring so loudly it travelled right through the walls, and I had great sympathy for whoever shared his bed when he was back home.

How does Snoring Occur

It is important to know how snoring occurs in order for you to try and remedy it naturally.

The sound comes from the back of your mouth, where there is a lot of soft tissue, and this tissue vibrates when air is not able to move freely through the nose and mouth.

Snoring in itself is not a serious condition, but it can be a sign of a major medical condition called sleep apnea which can be very dangerous and must be treated by your medical practitioner.

What Causes Snoring

Snoring is very seldom caused by one factor alone. Listed below are the common causes for snoring, and if you are a snorer you will probably recognize and acknowledge that you are guilty of a combination of the causes.

Blissfully unaware of the unhappiness been caused

Any Nasal or sinus issues, will cause the airways to become congested and prevent the flow of air through your nose and mouth.  You should seek medical intervention or else look at our natural remedies for sinusitis.

One very old snoring remedy says you should put a few drops of olive oil in each nostril just before  going to sleep.


Tissue size in the throat increases as your weight increases, so it is vital that you go on a controlled diet to get your weight down and as the tissue size decreases, the air will be start moving freely through your nose and mouth.

Another  ancient remedy you can try while you are losing weight is to tie a string to your toe and secure it to the bottom of  bed.    Lord alone knows how this works, but the Old Folks say it does.


Alcohol causes the flesh in your throat to relax and this blocks the airwaves which is what causes snoring.

So what do you have to do?  Don't have too much to drink and certainly not 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep.


The things we know we shouldn't do, are the things that cause problems like snoring.   Smoking causes nasal congestion which once again will not allow the air to move freely through your nose and mouth.

So give up smoking, stop drinking too much alcohol and go on a diet. Great hey?


Sleeping on your back is often a cause of snoring, here again the flesh in your throat relaxes and blocks the natural flow of air through your mouth and nose.

Very often a nudge (sometimes a kick) from your partner to get you to turn over onto your side will stop the snoring immediately, but still disturbs the sleep pattern of the person sharing your bed, and all the problems that go along with that.

An old snoring remedy is to put your slippers under your pillow, I am not sure of the "scientific" reasons for this working, but according to our grandparents it WORKS.

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