Hickey Home Remedy - Get Rid Of A Hickey Problem

Hickey Home Remedy - Get Rid Of A Hickey Problem

A hickey is known as a love bite and is basically formed as a result of rough kissing or sucking hard on the skin. The broken veins in the shoulder or neck can source the pooling of the blood, which turns the skin purple or red.

Just like the massage remedy, this works in the same manner as it disperses the blood. The "fingers" of the comb forces the blood back into the vessels and if you pair it with the massage this remedy can complete remove the hickey. But just be careful not to bruise your skin with the hickey.

Cold pressing and dabbing with hot water are some of the major treatments to get rid of the hickeys fast. Cold pressing breaks the blood clots little by little. Hot water therapy heats the area where you have got the hickey. It will expand the capillaries and facilitates the removal of the clotted blood little by little.

If you have ever tried the hot and cool remedies and they don't work as fast you would like to, there are more home remedies to get rid of a hickey fast. Massaging around the areas a hickey occurs will help in blood circulation as massage disperses the blood vessels and capillaries. The reddish spots will quickly change in color as the pressing gradually does the work on the skin.

Ice or Cold Compress For Hickey

The Sooner you pickup this method, the faster you can reach the solution. Cold/ ice compress works well on the hickey that is still fresh and red. As you know,  ice has the ability to freeze our blood vessels. So when you apply this method, by breaking blood clots and freezing blood vessels, it will minimize the size of hickey.It immediately reduces swelling too.

Take few ice cubes and wrap it in a towel . Make an ice compress and apply it on the spot where you have hickeys. Do not apply it for too long though. If you feel an unbearable cold feeling, take it off immediately . This method is the primary concern from the mayoclinic on how to get rid of a hickey quick.

Frozen Spoon For Hickey

It is yet another fastest method that help you to get rid of hickeys fast. Make sure you apply this method as early as possible.

Place a steel spoon in the freezer for few minutes. Apply it on a hickey. Ensure the spoon covers the whole infected area otherwise you will be left with an odd shaped hickey. This method offers a complete solution when it’s used in combination with cold compress method.

Finger Massage For Hickey

To get rid of hickey i suggest you to take a finger massage. The reason is, when you massage the area of a hickey, it disperses blood around. Obviously, the discoloration of your skin will fade away in just a matter of few minutes. However depending on the severity, the outline may or may not exist.

Gently rub and massage the infected area for 5 minutes, few times a day.

If the hickey is fresh or tiny, massaging will take out the color immediately.

Toothbrush / Comb For Hickey

Out of all methods given here, we can say this method as the most effective one. It works in the similar way as a massage. As the fingers of comb and toothbrush forces blood back to the vessels, blood around the hickey will be dispersed evenly.

But make sure you don’t break your skin harder.

Directions to follow

  • You can either use comb or a toothbrush.
  • By applying a little pressure, brush or comb the area of hickey gently.
  • Repeat this process for 5 to 10 minutes. Once the process is over, apply a cold compress for the next 10 minutes if it’s necessary.

When this method is used in combination with massage, it will completely remove the hickey without leaving any sign in a day.

Mint / Mint Toothpaste For Hickey

Generally pepper mint & mint based lotions have the medicinal properties to increase the blood circulation.

So applying the mint tooth paste or peppermint oil or spearmint oil or peppermint lotion on the area of hickey will help you get rid of this condition asp.

Apply a layer of any ingredient listed above on the hickey and let it dry. It will start to give a burning sensation. Once the feel is stopped, you can remove whichever you applied on a hickey with a damp towel.

This method may or may not cause a local irritation on your skin. So never over do it. However, as it increases the blood circulation, you can use this method to break up any kind of blood clot.
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