Fever Remedies and Treatment and Cause

Fever Remedies and Treatment and Cause 

A fever occurs when our body seeking a way to release itself of toxins, or fights against some infection.  
Average humans temperatures varies between 37,9 to 37,5 degrees C.

It is known that your temperature can increase itself, when you do exercises, or eating some foods. But this is only for a short amount of time, then it returns to its normal range.
Fiver usually starts with a slight shivering, your pulse increases and you don’t know what to do with yourself. You feel thirsty. After the huge sweating your condition will start to improve. It means that your immune system works great and has successfully beaten whatever caused the problem.

Don’t Panic When Getting a Fever, 
There Are Many Home Remedies For You!
Here are some of them:

  • To reduce a fever, sleep with a few slices of onion in your socks. It will draw the fever out.
  • Your high temperature can drop fast if you put over you a wet sheet, or if you get a bath of cold water.
  • A few people know that basil can reduce temperature. In 500 ml boiled water put 10 gr. leaves of basil, then cool it. Mix it with a glass of milk and put a teaspoon of honey and a ¼ teaspoon cardamom powder.
  • To reduce a fever, make a tea from ½ a teaspoon of saffron in 30 ml water. Take one teaspoon every hour.
  • Make a cup of juice of apricot, it cools very well your body during high temperature and gives you extra vitamins.
  • If you have a high fever, dip a few slices of row potato in vinegar and place them on your forehead. Repeat the same procedure till fever goes down.
  • To bring down your high temperature very fast, soak your socks in white vinegar and put them on your feet. It will reduce the high temperature immediately.
  • If you want to treat fiver, you have to start drinking a lot of fluids.
  • The best decision is to drink a glass of water every hour.
  • During fever avoid solid foods. When you have high temperature eat soups, or consume squeezed orange juice.
  • Get enough quality rest and relax, your boy needs that. Make sure not to perform any heavy routines during illness.
  • You may have a headache, or muscle stress when you suffer from fever.
  • A good idea to lower your temperature down is to drink a herbal tea, because most of them have a diuretic effects and this lower your body temperature.
  • High fever can be treated with a cup of chicken soup.
  • Take a cup of vinegar and mix it with a cup of water. Apply this mixture over a handkerchief and then on your forehead.
  • Put a couple of potato slices on your forehead for a few minutes.
  • Make a cup of chamomile tea. Drink it warm.
  • Drink a lot of tea of parsley or red raspberry.

If the fever sustains for several days and you don’t feel better- consult your doctor.

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